Charlie L. Murden ~ Carbondale August 26, 2018

Charlie was born in a house on a hillside of Kent Keller highway. He and his sister attended coutry schools where they walked or rode a horse to school. He always had an interesting story to tell about growing up in that era. No electricity, no running water or indoor plumbing. They grew their own food and had chickens, cows and pigs. His mother would trade eggs, milk, and butter at the local store for other items they needed. He graduated from Gorham High School and took on various jobs ultimately meeting Mildred Fey in Chester, Illinois where she was born and raised. They eloped in to Perryville, Missouri on April 5, 1944. A daughter Carol was born in October of 1942, dad enlisted in the Air Force Cadet Program being stationed at Camp Hood in Texas and lastly Fairbanks Alaska. While in the service, a second child Judy was born. In 1946, they moved to Carbondale to pursue a job opportunity in banking. In 1946, a third daughter Pat was born. In 1957 a fourth daughter, Penny was born. Charlie participated in the real estate and insurance industry either as a partner in various businesses in Carbondale and ultimately going solo. In the 1970’s he entered the real estate appraisal business thinking it would be something he could do when he retired. Penny entered the business in 1982 and they served Southern Illinois for over 30 years until he retired at age 93. His passion was commercial appraising with Penny focusing on residential and she continues to do so. He was a workaholic but did enjoy fishing and hunting the what spare time he had as well as flying small planes for several decades in post WWII years. His favorite fishing place location spot was Crystal River, Florida. He and Mildred made many trips yearly over a span of 60 years. This was his home away from home. Charlie’s truest love was for his wife Millie, his children Carol, Judy, Pat and Penny, 9 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren, and eight great great grandchildren. Charlie will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

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